How to Dress Up Your Johnsonville Brats


Brats are our favorite tailgating staple, especially when they’re from Johnsonville. They’re quick and easy to make and you can dress ‘em up a million different ways. If you’re running short on ideas, we’ve got you covered!

1. Bacon Mac 'N' Cheese Brats

The epitome of cheesy Midwest comfort foods, mac ‘n cheese, meets a tailgating staple. To recreate this savory snack, all you have to do is pile your favorite mac ‘n cheese recipe onto a Johnsonville Brat and Stadium Bun.

2. Beer Cheese Brat

Got an extra couple of beers lying around from last week’s tailgate party? Put ‘em to good use and make some beer cheese to put on top of your brat. Trust us, you’ll never think about cheese the same way again.

3. Bourbon Brats

Douse your Johnsonville brats with bourbon, top them with coleslaw, sit back, and enjoy the game! Your fans will appreciate the extra zing.

4. Apple Dijon Sauerkraut Brats

Tradition says that pork and sauerkraut bring good luck, so load your brat with some sauerkraut to send some luck to your favorite team!

5. Cuban Brat

Deli sandwich or brat? The ultimate tailgate question. Although we’re partial to both, why not combine them into one? Just add ham, mustard, and pickles to your favorite Johnsonville Bratwurst.

6. Fiesta Brat

Grab some of that delicious guacamole from your tailgating spread and top your brat right. The creamy and spicy flavors will be hosting a fiesta with your taste buds.

7. Italian Brat

Pile on the mozzarella and marinara for a saucy tailgating treat, the Johnsonville Way. The bun is barely enough to contain the deliciousness. Ciao Bella!

7. Reuben Brats

We love a good Reuben, but they can get a little messy -- whether it’s in the lot or on the couch. Get the traditional Reuben flavor in a portable, tailgate-friendly way by adding Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and Thousand Island dressing to your favorite Johnsonville brat.


If you’re looking to Up Your Game even further, skip the basic buns and bring along a bag of Johnsonville Grillers Burger Buns or Aunt Millie’s Onion Buns!

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