Tips for Hosting an Indoor Tailgate Party


Meatball Hero

 There are many benefits to hosting a tailgate party indoors. Perhaps you don’t want to be at the mercy of the weather, or if you just prefer more comfortable seating and easy access to the kitchen. Whatever your reasons may be, there are tons of ways to capitalize on the best parts of tailgating without, you know, actually tailgating. 

The obvious reason people are congregating is for food, beer, and sports. So, make sure your menu is a touchdown with delicious, yet easy to assemble, items. For example, the Meatball Hero is simple, yet delicious. On our Mini Sub buns, you’re definitely gonna be a  winner in the “best host” scorebook. 

Games sometimes lag, or people need a bit of a break every so often. Considering a side table for cards, games, or just relaxing may not be a bad idea for those who like to multi-task. 


S’mores Sliders

Wash down the savory snacks with something sweet like our S’more Sliders - it’s a s’more on a roll and it’s amazing. Having both sweets and snacks available pleases everyone. Tailgating really is primarily about the food and the game, so don’t skimp on this part. But also, don’t feel the need to go all extra. Most traditional tailgate parties serve hotdogs and burgers, so fancy food isn’t necessary. 

Wear your gear. Make sure to wear your jersey if you have one, or at least your teams colors. There’s something about showing spirit and pride that brings out the childlike excitement in all of us. 

That’s about it. There isn’t much to hosting a tailgating party - part of the beauty of tailgating is the simplicity of it all. Just enjoying good food, good beer, a game, and friendship. Choosing to host inside doesn’t have to be an elaborate event. 


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