Top Tailgating Recipes


 For football fans the most wonderful time of the year isn't Christmas, but rather the start of the tailgate season. 

A good tailgate party sets the mood for the whole viewing experience and is a great opportunity to chillax with your friends. So while everyone else is grilling lame regular hot dogs and hamburgers, you can host something a little extra with these Top Tailgate Recipes.


1. Muffuletta Sandwich

This would be a good recipe for a New Orlean football fan. On our Super Bub Buns pile on salami, ham, mozzarella, provolone, Swiss and an olive mix. A taste of the “Big Easy” while gearing up for a game is basically living your best life.


2. Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich

A homage to the Philadelphia football scene, but really just because Philly Cheesesteaks are amazing. Roast beef, Worcestershire (Does anyone know how to confidently pronounce that word?), cheese and peppers all between the soft Deli Super Sub Buns.


3. Sloppy Chori-Joes

We are far too pumped on this one. Sloppy Joes are amazing, but with Chorizo in lieu of ground beef is so perfect and simple we can't believe it hasn't been a thing since Sloppy Joes were a thing. Your friends will lose their mind over this one.


4. Chili Cheese Frito Hot Dogs

We wouldn’t dare tell you how to prepare your family chili recipe. Once you’ve got a batch made, try slathering it on some dogs and topping with some salty corn chips for a mouth-watering tailgate snack.


5. Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches

Who doesn't like a buffalo chicken sandwich? It's something that pretty much everyone agrees on and just is, like, the cool guy of sandwiches. We like ours on Johnsonville Stadium Honey Hamburger Buns for a little added sweetness.


6. Fiesta Brat

Fiesta translated is party, which is what the point of tailgating is, so it seems reasonable to add the Fiesta Brat. Johnsonville Stadium White Hot Dog Buns on your favorite Johnsonville bratwurst with homemade or store-bought guacamole and jalapeños pretty much does taste like a party.


7. Pulled Pork Sandwich with Coleslaw

This one is great because you can prepare it the night before in your slow cooker. Combine the pork and BBQ of your choice and let the slow cooker do it’s magic. Then, when ready to eat simply add the coleslaw onto the Deli Onion Buns and you’re in for a seriously delicious meal that basically cooked itself.

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